The FamilySAFE in-ground standard and MAX are limited to a production run of only 100 shelters a year, which shows just how incredible these in ground tornado shelters are.

The same reinforced construction as our standard in-ground shelter with the lid kit, but comes fully-loaded with additional options:

  • A full 12 volt backup power supply that powers a full led lighting system.
  • A dual-fan powered air-circulating system.
  • A dry cell 100% sealed battery that will not leak or fume.
  • A Waterproof battery tender that will ensure your battery is always 100%.
  • Two 12 volt 5,000 lb actuator jacks that will lift 10,000 lbs.

Revolutionary Safety

This is the world’s first and only in-ground tornado shelter that is virtually impossible to be trapped inside. An extension cord may be run from your house wall to the unit, or you may have an electrician plumb one for you. From this point a battery tender cycles your 100% sealed battery to ensure it is always ready to operate the full LED lighting system and the circulating fans when you go down into your underground shelter.

Should the tornado strike your home and should debris be piled on top of the unit it is not a problem. Simply push button no.2 and the ladder side of your shelter and the door, capable of lifting 10,000lbs, will open up almost 3’ and allow you and the occupants to escape from the in ground tornado shelter.


In-ground Shelter MAX and installation: $8500. Plus mileage if over 150 miles from Tulsa area.

Available only in Oklahoma.

To order your In-Ground Max, or to get in touch with a dealer to answer any questions, just call us at 866.280.SAFE or fill out the contact form below.

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