The FamilySAFE in-ground standard and MAX is limited to a production of only 100 tornado shelters per year in Oklahoma only.

The FamilySAFE in-ground tornado shelter comes as one solid concrete unit. It has four-inch reinforced concrete walls atop a twelve-inch thick concrete base and has the patented lid kit anchored to it. The unit comes with a lifetime guarantee to never rust out. As we are installing the unit at your location, the entire unit is wrapped in thick mil plastic and then surrounded it with another six to eight inches 6”-8” more of concrete for a total of twelve inches of layered concrete underground, which makes this in ground shelter extremely safe.

The lid and ladder of our underground shelters are coated inside and out with truck-bed liner and will never rust, flake-off, or wear. Shelter weight: 7,000lbs.

In-ground tornado shelter and installation: $6,500. Plus mileage if over 150 miles from Tulsa area.

Available only in Oklahoma.

If you are ready to order, or have more questions, give us a call at 1-866-280-SAFE (7233) or fill out the form below to get in touch with a dealer.

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