Your Family SAFE storm shelter will keep you safe in the event of a devastating tornado, but you may not give much thought to the moments after the storm hits. Consider making a tornado emergency kit to keep in your storm shelter to aid you and your family in that crucial time before emergency respondents arrive.

Here are some things to consider keeping inside your saferoom that might help you and your family recover from a tornado strike.

  1. Flashlight
    Flashlight for Storm Shelter

    A tornado can easily take out power to your home or neighborhood, and a tornado can strike in the middle of the night. A flashlight will be indispensable in your tornado emergency kit. There are several hand crank models readily available and are a great option because you won’t have to worry about keeping the flashlight charged.

  2. Radio
    A Radio for your Storm Shelter

    A small radio can be a huge help in knowing when it is clear to leave your shelter and also what is going on around you. There are a number of battery powered and hand-crank models on the market.

  3. Hand Crank Phone Charger or Phone Battery Backup
    A manual phone charger for your tornado shelter

    In case of an emergency it is very likely that the only form of communication you will have will be your phone. Constant communication can wear the battery down fast, so a hand-cranked charger or backup battery pack can save you and your friends and family a lot of stress.

  4. Bottled Water
    Keep Bottled Water in your Storm Shelter

    In case of a catastrophic storm, like the one in Moore, Oklahoma this year, you could possibly exit your shelter to a devastated neighborhood. Keeping yourself hydrated is very important during those first few hours before wide-spread help arrives. A pack of bottled water is an easy addition to your storm shelter that will be very welcome in case of a devastating tornado.

  5. Close-Toed Shoes
    Don’t run into your storm shelter in flip-flops or sandals if you can avoid it, they will be of little use to you if you have to pick through rubble later. If you and your family have enough warning, make sure everyone has on close-toed shoes.
  6. First Aid Kit
    It’s a good idea to have a First Aid Kit in your home. Keep one in your saferoom so that you will have it in the event of a disaster.