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Benefits of Having a Tornado Shelter

Need A Storm Shelter?

New ContentLiving in the aptly named United States’ Tornado Alley, it should be a high priority for Oklahoma and Texas residents to do everything possible to prepare for the worst. FamilySAFE Shelters can help you introduce protective measures to deal with the unfortunate weather patterns of this area, especially when it comes to building tornado shelters and other such safe rooms. Above ground tornado shelters provide several potentially life-saving benefits for both you and your family, and building your own custom version is just one free quote away!

Long-Lasting Investments

Because tornado shelters need to be strong enough to survive the worst in severe weather, our FamilySAFE Shelters build each and every one to fit that exact purpose. Your own custom in home tornado shelter can be reinforced with steel or concrete (depending on if it is above-ground or below-ground), capable of withstanding F5 tornadoes without so much as a dent. These safe rooms are designed to be used and trusted year after year without incurring any damage.


Easily Accessible In An Emergency

There is very little time to act during an emergency; it’s possible you may need to gather up all your most important belongings and take cover in a matter of minutes. By installing a FamilySAFE Shelters steel tornado shelter in your home, or on your property, you can significantly increase your chances of having everything you need in a secure location. Store all your important documents, papers, and resources in this location beforehand, so your family can get into the tornado shelter as soon as possible.


Capable Of Fitting Your Entire Family

FamilySAFE Shelters has several different sizes available to accommodate every member of your family in the event of a tornado. Our above ground tornado shelters are capable of withstanding F4 and F5 storms and are designed, built, and installed by certified installers using HILTI anchors. Whether you’re looking for an expansive space to stay in for an extended period of time, or are in need  of something smaller to accommodate your belongings, we can build your shelter to your specifications. 


Designated Space For Emergency Supplies

Where do you keep everything you need in the event of an emergency? Where do you keep your flashlight, canned food, water, blankets, matches, and other such supplies? A FamilySAFE Shelters steel tornado shelter can function as both a place of refuge during a storm, and as a storage space to consolidate an emergency stash. Keeping this area pre-stocked frees up space in other areas of your home while also providing peace of mind.


Take action now to prevent future disasters! FamilySAFE Shelters can custom-build whatever above ground or below-ground tornado shelter is best suited for your home, your family, and your own needs. Contact us today for a free quote and to get started!

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