Bolt Together above ground tornado shelter

Recently we were contacted by a homeowner who wanted to install a Family SAFE tornado shelter in his home. Once a dealer arrived on-site to measure, we realized that the homeowner’s garage was not a suitable installation location for our tornado shelter. The only other suitable location was a cement-floor storage room off the back of the homeowner’s house.

Storage Room for Tornado Shelter

The only problem? Access to the storage room was limited by a fenced in pathway that was only four-feet wide. Nowhere near large enough to facilitate loading in a 6×8 above ground tornado shelter.

Pathway for Tornado Shelters


In situations like this, Family SAFE is happy to offer our bolt-together above ground tornado shelter.

Our bolt-together above ground storm shelter arrives in sections and is assembled right on-site by our install team.

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Our bolt-together tornado shelter is fully-tested and meets all the same strict safety and engineering requirements as our traditional above ground tornado shelters.

It is the perfect solution for homeowner’s who want the safety and protection of a Family SAFE but have space limitations in their existing structure. The bolt-together shelter can be installed in basements or other interior rooms where a traditional shelter will not fit.

If you are ready to have a saferoom installed in your home, contact Family SAFE today. Our dealers will work with you to find the perfect tornado shelter solution for your family.