Family SAFE will be there in the event of a tornado

Did you know that in the event of a tornado, Family SAFE will be there to help? If your home is destroyed or damaged by a tornado, give us a call and we will come and get your Family SAFE storm shelter, inspect it, repair and repaint it, and then store it for you until your new house is ready for it.

Our shelters not only bring peace of mind from storms, but our commitment to our customers will bring peace of mind to you during the rebuilding process. Your Family SAFE will be ready to protect  you again and again if the need should arise.

Recently a member of the Family SAFE Family lost their home to a tornado in Velonia, Arkansas. Family SAFE was there to load up the shelter for cleaning and inspection, and to store it safely until the homeowners are ready for it again.

Family SAFE shelter saves family in Arkansas

“No doubt the greatest day of my career to stand beside the FamilySAFE that saved 7 lives in Velonia, Arkansas. We will continue to pray for all the families that had to endure the wrath of this tornado. It was a most humbling experience to see the devastation and how these amazing people are dealing with it. Speechless!”
– Robert Rayl, Family SAFE of Missouri

Our Storm Shelters Work

Family SAFE is proud of the lasting quality of our storm shelters. Since 1998 they have saved lives all across the United States. It is our mission to provide affordable, effective EF5 tornado protection to every home in the nation.

Learn more about our tornado shelters or give us a call today to get started: 866.280.SAFE