1. Learn about the top five states that need custom tornado shelters

    Top 5 States That Get Hit by Tornadoes

    If you live in tornado alley, then you may know about the states surrounding you that are also hit by tornadoes. While you may be familiar with those states and the weather that rolls through them, yo…Read More

  2. Learn how to not get stuck in a storm shelter

    Tips to Avoid Getting Stuck in a Shelter

    So you’ve invested in an underground storm shelter, located conveniently in your garage, and by every meaning of the phrase you have followed this step by step, in a textbook manner. If you’ve kep…Read More

  3. Learn about above ground storm shelters and below ground storm shelters

    Above Shelters vs. Underground Shelters

    FamilySAFE Shelters is dedicated to providing high-quality tornado shelters to the Oklahoma City area, and it’s something that we take pride in. After seeing the destruction that rolls through the t…Read More

  4. Learn about the tornado season and how our storm shelters can help

    Tornado Season in Oklahoma

    If you’ve found yourself on this page, then chances are that you are already fairly familiar with what tornado season looks like here in Oklahoma. There’s also a good chance that you’ve fallen i…Read More

  5. Create a tornado plan with your custom tornado shelter

    Creating a Plan for A Tornado

    Welcome back to the FamilySAFE blog! In our post today we are going to cover the process that you should go through when you create a safety plan for when a tornado hits. This is something that every …Read More

  6. Welcome to the FamilySAFE Blog!

    Welcome to the FamilySAFE blog! We are excited that you’ve found your way here and are eager to provide you with an overview of what topics we’ll be covering in this section of our site. Whether t…Read More

  7. 2017 Tradeshows

    Come tour or shelters at these tradeshows. Dealers will be on hand to answer any questions. Missouri Springfield HBA Home Show Springfield Expo Center 635 St. Louis St., Springfield, MO Friday, Jan 27…Read More