Spring is here, and with it comes severe weather. Don’t wait until the first tornado of the season to order your new storm shelter. Contact FamilySAFE today to get started working with a knowledgeable storm shelter dealer near you.

Financing Available

We offer financing on our storm shelters through Communication Federal Credit Union. Apply today and be ready to order your FamilySAFE storm shelter!

Our Storm Shelters

FamilySAFE offers a variety of customizable storm shelters to meet your needs. Since we do all of our own manufacturing it is easy for us to tailor your storm shelter for you. The door can be placed on the side or either end of the shelter, ensuring that the door is in the optimum location.

All of our above ground storm shelters feature a low threshold and are wheelchair accessible.

Above Ground Storm Shelters

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Our above ground storm shelters are our most popular models, and come in a variety of sizes:  3.5’x5’  4‘x4’  4’x6’  4’x8’  6’x6’  6’x8’ 8’x8’  8’x10’  8’x12’

These storm shelters have been fully tested to withstand the force of an EF5 tornado, and we have even had several of these shelters survive direct hits from EF5 tornadoes, including the record-breaking EF5 that struck Moore, Oklahoma in 2012.

Contact a dealer in your area to get started or request a free storm shelter quote.

Bolt-Together Above Ground Storm Shelters

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The FamilySAFE bolt-together above ground storm shelter offers the same certified protection as our traditional above ground storm shelter, but comes in a revolutionary design that allows the shelter to go almost anywhere. It is a great option for adding into existing structures, such as basements.

Contact a dealer in your area if you have any questions, or to get started with your bolt-together storm shelter.

This shelter is built in solid panels that are bolted together using FamilySAFE’s bolt-system. Available in a range of sizes: 4’ x 4’ | 4’ x 6’ | 4’ x 8’ | 6’ x 6’

In-Ground Storm Shelters

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FamilySAFE offers a three in-ground shelter options. Our basic in-ground shelter, our MAX in ground shelter, and our revolutionary lid kit to cover or improve an existing shelter.

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