Family SAFE customer Ron Clarke sent us photos from his finished out tornado shelter and safe room we installed in Oklahoma City.

We love to see how prepared Ron is in case of emergency and how he has integrated the safe room into his home. Thank you so much for sharing, Ron!


Vince Mims
I have finished the final build out of my new safe room and wanted to drop you a line expressing how pleased  we are with the finished product and the efficient and speedy installation you provided. Not a thing could have gone better. As I promised, I am including a few pictures of the safe room in relation to my work shop and model ship collection. I also thought you might be interested in the way we furnished it. It is amazing how much you can get into a 4′ X 4′ room along with two people. We included enough supplies to operate the room as a panic room in case of home invasion and as a 2-3 day resource depot pending outside help arriving in case the rest of our home becomes unusable. We have included the following: (1) cushioned benches for 2.  (2) Storage for household garage tools including saws, hand tools etc,(3)  electric and battery overhead lights, flashlights and extra batteries, (4) electric/battery fan with a USB port to charge our cell phones off of D batteries, (5) weather radio, (6 )Car battery to AC converter and extension cord to reach our car batteries outside even if the cars are un-drivable, (7) coats, emergency plastic ponchos and thermal blankets,  a wool blanket, hard hats,  (8) 2 days worth of MREs, 24 pack of bottled water, (9) plastic bucket, bags and toilet paper for emergency toilets, (10) gloves, a change of clothes, basic toiletries in the form of a travel kit (11) first aid kit with a supply of pain, allergy and burn medicine (12) 6′ X 8′ tarp and rope  (13) a electric/battery TV that gets over the air signals for after the storm which does double duty inside as a monitor for our home security cameras so we can stay inside and watch the weather outside until the electricity goes off. (14) a metal brief case with important household and banking information, as well as spare keys.
All this could be a case of overkill…but then maybe not. It did turn out to be a fun and creative project and we sleep better knowing it is there and our emergency supplies which most people have around the house are now assembled in one easy location.
Again, thanks so much for your prompt and helpful service. I will certainly recommend you all to my neighbors.
Ron Clarke
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Ron’s tornado shelter is a great example of how you can customize your Family SAFE tornado shelter to meet your needs.