Extreme Security in Even the Most Extreme Weather
When it comes to above-ground tornado shelters, the most reliable option for you and your family is FamilySAFE. This shelter is perfect for people who live in a region that gets lots of tornados. Get rid of the uncertainty when you hear severe weather warnings. Prepare for the worst; your family will thank you. To learn more about all the safety-improving features of the Above Ground Shelter, or any of FamilySAFE’s other tornado shelters, contact us now.

The FamilySAFE original above ground tornado shelter is perfect for protecting loved ones at an affordable cost. This fully engineered, tested, and certified safe room has proven itself having survived many EF4 & EF5 tornadoes over the past 20 years. Perfect for those who want the features of a FamilySAFE Shelter at a lower cost.

Here at FamilySAFE, we can build a custom storm shelter made just for your home or business. Our custom tornado shelters are perfect for those who live in areas that experience a lot of storms. Get the best residential or commercial storm shelter made just for your property here at FamilySAFE shelters. Keep scrolling to learn more about our custom above ground shelters, or contact us to get started on your custom tornado shelter. Also be sure to learn more about our custom safe rooms, existing home storm shelters, commercial tornado shelters, and all of our other custom shelters.

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Maintains internal safety cage on walls, corners, roof, and around top of roof.

Every 2′ or less there is bracing.

Features FamilySAFE’s safety door making it almost impossible to be trapped inside.

Designed, built, and installed by FamilySAFE trained and certified installers using HILTI anchors.

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Available in three sizes:

  • 3.5′ x 5′ x 6’7″ tall
  • 4′ x 6′ x 6’7″ tall
  • 4′ x 8′ x 6’7″ tall

ALL units now come standard with one Grade 1 deadbolt lock and 2 large sliding pins and 3 hinges to secure the door.

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