North Central Texas Safe Room Rebate Program

If you were selected to participate in the North Central Texas Safe Room Rebate program, let us know! Family SAFE Storm Shelters are American Tornado Shelter Association (ATSA) approved and are therefor eligible for purchase with these rebates.

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NCTSRRP Program Description
A homeowner or developer can be reimbursed for half the cost of an individual safe room, with a reimbursement cap of $3,000. This reimbursement is provided by NCTSRRP. You will be notified and provided an award packet by NCTSRRP if you have been selected for the program. Questions about selection for the program should be directed to NCTSRRP at NCTSAFEROOM@NCTCOG.ORG.

Program Timeline

After you receive your award packet, you have up to 8 months to install a safe room and submit the required documentation.

Ready to Speak to a Storm Shelter Dealer? Have Questions about the Program?

If you have your award packet and are ready to get started, contact Family SAFE of Texas to speak with us about options and pricing of our storm shelters. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about the rebate program, or which storm shelter is right for you.

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Family SAFE Storm Shelters

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Our storm shelters are fully-tested to withstand the forces of an EF5 tornado, and meet or exceed all safety requirements set by FEMA.

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