Dear Vince,
   Just wanted to let you know the two young men who came yesterday were on time and had all three shelters installed before 1:00PM.  They presented themselves well and went about in a professional and efficient way.  They fully explained the systems and answered all questions.  You and your team are to be congratulated on not only a fine product but a fine crew as well.
  Already one of my neighbors has come over to take a look at your shelter   Naturally, I tried to mimic you and give all the finer points of your presentation.  Needless to say you’re the pro but I gave it a go.  I gave them your brochure and price list.  They didn’t ask what we paid and I only answer questions when asked.  His name is Charles Fritch and I suspect he will call you before next spring.  If you would send me a half dozen brochures I will give them to neighbors when asked.
   Again, thanks for your service and may your business and family be rewarded with His wisdom and direction.
Charlie Crews