FamilySAFE has been manufacturing our steel above ground tornado shelters in Oklahoma since 1998. We were a pioneer in the storm shelter industry, researching, building, and testing many of the storm shelter designs used today. Our storm shelter was the first and only storm shelter ever impact tested with a person inside. We have more experience with research, development, installation, and quality control than most Oklahoma storm shelter companies combined.

Why should you choose a FamilySAFE Storm Shelter? Plain and simple: our shelters work.

Proven Effective Against Even EF5 Tornadoes

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Since 1998 our storm shelters have been through numerous tornadoes, including direct hits from EF5 tornadoes that decimated the homes. Each time, our shelters remained un-budged by the storm winds and debris, and the homeowners walked away without injury.

Not only have our shelters stood up in the field, they have been strenuously tested and certified at Texas Tech University to be effective against the forces of EF5 tornadoes.

We Don’t Cut Corners on Safety

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Some other storm shelter companies will build a shelter that is just “good enough” to pass Texas Tech Testing, but we believe that a storm shelter should be able to protect you in an absolute worst case scenario. That’s why our storm shelters feature not only a thick seamless steel outer shell, but also a complete steel tubing safety cage. Shelters that lack a safety cage risk collapse if the steel shell becomes compromised by projectile debris, but our safety cage can support over 130,000lbs stacked on top of it. This will protect you from projectiles from storm force winds, and also from a complete house collapse.

We Are Committed to Customer Service

When you purchase one of our shelters, you become a part of the FamilySAFE family. Not only are we a BBB A+ rated company, we are also personally committed to your satisfaction. In fact, should your shelter ever go through a tornado, just give us a call and we will come out to inspect and service it. We will even store your shelter for you while your house is rebuilt.

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We have storm shelter dealers in Tulsa and Oklahoma City and can install our storm shelters all across Oklahoma.

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