Family SAFE of Texas Dealer Russell Mims goes over some of the features that make our storm shelters the top of the line.

Can a Storm Shelter be installed in an existing home?

Yes! The most common installation location for our storm shelters is inside the garage. The shelter is bolted to the garage floor.

Can a storm shelter be built into a new construction?

Yes! Our storm shelters can easily be incorporated into new construction projects as a kitchen pantry, closet, laundry room, gun safe, you name it.

All Family SAFE Above Ground Storm Shelters Feature:

  • Our shelters are fully-tested and certified by Texas Tech to withstand the forces of an EF5 tornado.
  • Our shelters feature 2”x2” tubular steel framing, making them capable of supporting 100,000lbs.
  • Our doors open inward, protecting you from being trapped inside by debris.
  • Our doors are double-sided with eleven locking points, to keep you safe inside.
  • Our doors feature a no-pinch design to protect fingers from being smashed.
  • Added ventilation all around the door for improved air circulation within the storm shelter.

In last years’ EF5 Moore Oklahoma tornado, Family SAFE had three shelters take direct hits and survive without budging. Our shelters work.


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