The various storm shelters that we have for you to install into homes are incredible in the quality and structure that they can provide for you and your family during storms. If this is the first time that you’re considering having a tornado shelter installed into your home, then there are a few questions that you may have. Here are a few of the questions that we most commonly receive regarding our above ground and underground storm shelters.

Are your safe rooms certified by FEMA?

Federal Law prohibits FEMA from certifying any product. Some competitors might claim to be certified by FEMA but those claims are misleading. Any contractors, individuals, or firms who state they are “FEMA approved” or “FEMA certified” are incorrect. Read more about FEMA’s stance on their website.

FEMA does provide criteria for ensuring the safety and reliability of tornado shelters. Family SAFE meets or exceeds all of FEMAs provided criteria in our tornado shelters.

Our tornado shelters are tested to withstand EF5 level winds at Texas Tech University and meet or exceed the criteria in FEMA P-320 (FEMA, 2008a) and FEMA P-361 (FEMA, 2008b).

Is an above ground storm shelter safe? Will it work?

Our above ground tornado shelters are designed to meet or exceed the criteria in FEMA P-320 (FEMA, 2008a) and FEMA P-361 (FEMA, 2008b). Our tornado shelters will offer the same near-absolute protection as an in-ground tornado shelter and have protected numerous families from EF5 tornadoes.