FamilySAFE has never had a shelter fail, even in the face of the record-setting 2013 Moore, Oklahoma tornado. Our storm shelters are over-engineered to withstand the strongest storms. Because of our experience, materials and execution, we are able to provide families across America with the most durable tornado shelters.

We have had 13 storm shelters take direct hits from 11 different EF4 & EF5 tornadoes with not even so much as one dent, including the Moore OK tornadoes.

These are just some of the pictures customers have shared with us of their FamilySAFE above ground tornado shelters standing unmoved after a tornado. As you can see, even when the entire home is gone, the storm shelter remains firmly in place. The visuals in this gallery are enough to make you wonder what your life would look like without one of these tornado shelters.

See this video of one of our storm shelters after an Arkansas tornado.