Here at FamilySAFE Shelters, we are happy to work with you to incorporate a FamilySAFE above ground tornado shelter into your new construction project! Our storm shelters are the perfect addition to a home when you know that storms will likely happen in the future. Why not incorporate this added safety feature in as you build your home?

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Your custom storm shelter can be tucked into a closet, stairwell, garage, or just about anywhere!

With new construction storm shelters, we set the storm shelter the same day the framers “pop” the chalk lines. Your custom above ground tornado shelter may even be framed on the same day. With the HILTI anchorage system, there is no need for pre-set bolts or templates. You won’t have to lift a finger except to point where you want your custom storm shelter to go. Aside from that, we can also incorporate underground storm shelters into your new construction design. As the process gets started out, again, just let us know where it is that you want your underground tornado shelter installed. FamilySAFE will work with you to get your new storm shelter installed as quickly as possible.

The tornado shelter is also very easily finished out to dimensions only five total inches (2 1/2” per side) smaller than the outside dimensions, and ready for A/C and electricity to be installed.

Learn more about our existing home tornado shelters, commercial storm shelters, custom saferooms, and more! Contact FamilySAFE Shelters today to get started on your new construction tornado shelter today, and be sure to visit our online storm shelter gallery to see what a FamilySAFE tornado shelter can do for you.



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