Preparation Before The Storm

Having a tornado shelter in place long before it comes time to take more immediate action is a crucial step in preparing for severe storms and other scenarios. Beyond that, the main focus before a storm occurs is to make sure you have all the necessary supplies you need. Your tornado kit should include supplies such as:

  • Flashlight
  • NOAA emergency radio
  • Phone chargers/solar batteries
  • Change of clothes
  • Multiple days worth of food and water
  • Dust masks
  • Audible signaling device, such as an air horn
  • Personal documents, such as passports, on hard drive
  • Crucial medications
  • Pet supplies
  • Etc.

Severe weather is very dangerous, and they are becoming increasingly severe each year. Without adequate preparation, you may be caught off guard when one comes, as they can appear in the blink of an eye. Don’t risk your and your family’s safety by being unprepared! Providing your family with an in-home storm shelter is an investment that, particularly if you live in the Midwest, is definitely worth making. Homes can always be rebuilt, but lives cannot be replaced. Contact FamilySAFE Shelters to get the protection your family deserves.