Get a Storm Shelter and Stay Safe in Extreme Weather

This model of our storm shelters is perfect for basements with limited access. With its three steel bolts, rest assured that no wind is going to be opening it once it has been sealed shut. The exclusive vented Safe T Door also ensures that you won’t get trapped inside in instances where debris piles up outside. When it comes time to respond to the threat of a tornado, be satisfied that you and your family have a safe place to go to wait out the worst of the storm. Contact FamilySAFE today to get more information about this or any of our other tornado shelters!

The FamilySAFE Bolt-Together Safe Room

The same EF5 protection as our traditional above ground tornado shelters, but in a design that can be installed almost anywhere. These in-ground shelters provide the same quality of safety but allow for you to install them in more places than you would be able to with traditional above ground shelters.

The FamilySAFE bolt-together above-ground safe room is the best option for customers who want a storm shelter but do not have enough space in their existing structure to install one of our prefabricated tornado shelters, or are interested in adding a storm shelter inside the confines of an existing structure. These bolted tornado shelters are ideal for basements with limited access.

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The storm shelter will arrive at your install location in prefabricated panels, and then is assembled and bolted to your quality concrete slab by our professional installers. Our bolt-together storm shelter features include:

  • Fully tested and certified.
  • Doors feature two class 1 deadbolts.
  • Doors open inward, ensuring you are not trapped by debris.
  • Three cold roll steel slide pins secure the door.
  • Exclusive vented Safe T Door protects you from being trapped inside by external debris.

Available in a range of sizes: 4’x4′ | 4’x6′ | 4’x8′ | 6’x6′

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Fully Engineered, Tested, and Certified

Our custom safe rooms meet or exceed all public and private safety and engineering standards in the United States. All storm shelters and tornado safe room designs have Engineered PE Stamped Drawings for easy permitting. If you’re ready to get the best residential safe room or commercial storm shelter, then be sure to partner with FamilySAFE Shelters. Contact us to get started on your custom project, or learn more about our custom tornado shelters, like our new construction storm shelters, existing home safe rooms, above ground tornado shelters, and more.