There are plenty of homes and neighborhoods that are destroyed throughout the year because of natural disasters that could not have been avoided. When these storms arise, the only thing you really can do is prepare yourself. In the case of being at home, you need a space that can keep you and your family safe from the damage of debris that is flying or falling.

FamilySAFE Shelters offers some of the best above ground tornado shelters around. Our commercial and residential tornado shelters are an all-welded steel unit, which are F5 certified and offers you complete protection from any tornado.

Our above ground tornado shelter was unmoved by the Moore F5 tornado, an extremely powerful tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma in 2013. FamilySAFE provides protection you can count on, which is exactly what you need when a big storm hits. Here at FamilySAFE Shelters, we offer some of the best custom saferooms, new construction storm shelters, and commercial tornado shelters in the United States. View our online storm shelter gallery to see what our top-rated tornado shelters can do.

Check out the different tornado shelters that we offer and determine which one is going to be a better fit for you and your home.

Above Ground Shelters


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Our shelter was unmoved by the Moore F5 tornado. FamilySAFE provides protection you can count on.