Benefits of a Storm Shelter

When a tornado is approaching your home, it’s important that you have a way to ensure that you and your family can retreat to safety. Going to your basement can help if you don’t have a better option, but really, if you live in a region with high risks of tornadoes, getting a tornado shelter is just as practical as getting a water barrel to collect rain in a high precipitation region. Getting a storm shelter or safe rooms comes with many benefits:

Easily accessible — Having a storm shelter on your property eliminates the risk of trying to travel to reach a safe place when a storm is coming.

Family-oriented — You can get a storm shelter to meet your family’s specific needs. For example, wheelchair access, extra space, and so on.

Protection for valuables — When a tornado strikes, it can take with it all your valuables as well. From jewelry to photo albums of people you love, you can keep the things that matter most to you in your storm shelter so that you will still have them even if the rest of your home is destroyed.

Emergency provision storage — Make sure you leave plenty of space in your storm shelter for things like extra food, clothes, first aid items, and important documents, so you can be well-prepared for surviving the storm, as well as getting your life back together afterwards.

If you don’t already have a storm shelter, we hope you consider investing in one, especially if you live in a high-risk region for tornadoes like Oklahoma. Even if you end up never needing to use it, having one on-site will provide you and your family peace of mind, as well as a space to securely store items that you need to keep safe. Reach out to FamilySAFE Shelters to speak with a member of our staff.

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