FamilySAFE can quickly and easily install our above ground storm shelter in your existing home! Being able to have this safety feature in your home is one that you might not have known about ahead of time, or are certain that you could benefit from by adding to your space. Let us install one of our tornado shelters into your existing home.

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In the past, people would run through a storm to a “frady hole,” generally waiting until the last minute to take shelter from tornadoes because their fear of the storm would need to outweigh the fear of what might be lurking in the hole. Over time we have seen an incredible growth in the structure and safety that you can find in an in home storm shelter.

Because the FamilySAFE storm shelter is prefabricated in a controlled environment, the on-site work is greatly reduced. The tornado shelter is delivered as a single piece unit, moved into place and bolted down using the HILTI anchorage system that is best for your slab. The total process usually takes less than a couple of hours.

Any of our tornado shelters will make a great addition to any home, garage, or shop. We make it easy to run electricity into the unit, or to outfit with the necessities of your choice.

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