large storm shelterFamilySAFE’s EF5 certified steel tornado shelters can be installed at your commercial work site to add comprehensive tornado protection for your workforce.

Welded-Steel Construction for Certified Tornado Protection

Our storm shelters are made of welded steel, complete with a steel tubing safety cages, and have been tested and certified to withstand the forces of EF5 tornadoes. Our storm shelters can be installed inside or out, anywhere there is a quality concrete slab. Their versatility makes them ideal for commercial work sites, schools, or businesses. Our shelters are ICC500 and FEMA Safety compliant.

large capacity storm shelter

The Right Safe Room for Your Business

Our above ground storm shelters come in a variety of sizes, and have many customization options. You can choose where to place the door, and our shelters can be networked together to form large capacity storm shelters. FamilySAFE will work with you to create the ideal storm shelter for your location and occupancy needs. Whether it’s an office full of people, a school, or a large work crew, we can build the right safe room for you.

large capacity storm shelters

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