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These fall storms are a good reminder of spring storm season. It’s easy to forget about tornado protection during the quiet winter months, but waiting until the first tornado of spring to order your storm shelter could put you at the back of a long line. Order your Family SAFE above ground tornado shelter today and be prepared when spring storms hit.

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Why Should I Choose a Family SAFE Storm Shelter?

We Have Years of Experience

Family SAFE has been in the business of designing and building steel storm shelters since 1998. We have more experience and expertise than most other countries across the nation.

Storm Shelters are All We Do

Storm Shelters aren’t a side job, they are our only job. We spend the time and energy in constantly improving and refining our shelters, while also managing quality control to ensure that your shelter meets our strict standards.

Family SAFE shelter saves family in Arkansas

We Stand By Our Shelters

We stand by the quality of our storm shelters. We believe we are in the business of building the best shelters in the industry. In fact, after several of our shelters protected their owners during tornadoes, we took their shelters, inspected them, serviced them, and then re-installed them once the owners’ new homes were ready. And we’ll do that for you and your Family SAFE. That is peace of mind you can rely on.

We Have Trained Installers

Our storm shelter installers are trained by HILTI on which anchors work best with which slabs, ensuring that your shelter is installed properly while maintaining the integrity of the slab.

We Have Dealers All Across the United States

Check out our storm shelter dealers page for more information. We have dealers in many states across the nation to help you order our Family SAFE storm shelter.

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Our storm shelters are over-engineered to meet or exceed all of FEMA’s safety guidelines for storm shelters in the United States. All of our above ground storm shelters are  wheelchair accessible. Let your dealer know about any special needs you may have when ordering.