What are Steel Manufactured Storm Shelters?

Our shelters are known by many names, safe room, steel tornado shelter, above ground storm shelter, and more, but the product is the same – a steel manufactured structure designed and tested to protect the occupants from tornadoes. These shelters are installed in garages, homes, and businesses as an above ground shelter from storms.

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Do Above Ground Storm Shelters Actually Work?

Yes. Conventional wisdom has said that you have to go underground to escape a tornado, but building an in-ground structure is costly, and many homes don’t have basements. In 1998 Family SAFE set out to design a steel welded safe room that would provide cost-effective tornado protection that could easily be added to homes across the nation.

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Not only are our storm shelters tested at Texas Tech, since we began manufacturing them, we have had many shelters go through and protect their families from actual tornadoes, including tornadoes rated EF5 – the strongest possible ranking for tornadoes. Even when the home was destroyed, the shelters never budged.

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There are many storm shelter companies in the business now, but Family SAFE Storm Shelters has been there from the beginning. Since 1998 we have been designing, building, and improving our steel storm shelters to continually bring you the highest quality shelter.

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Not only are our shelters fully-engineered with stamped drawings, all of our above ground shelter designs are impact tested at Texas Tech for strength and durability during tornado conditions. In addition, our storm shelters also meet or exceed all safety criteria set for steel shelters by FEMA, making our storm shelters eligible for many state and city rebate programs.

All of our above ground storm shelters are wheelchair accessible. Contact a dealer for more information and pricing.

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