Why Can’t I Install My Storm Shelter Myself?

We get asked this question often when delivering quotes for our above ground storm shelters. Handy homeowners want to take care of placing and installing their storm shelter themselves. But there are several reasons why FamilySAFE only allows our trained installers to place and anchor our storm shelters.

A Storm Shelter is Only as Good as its Anchorage

Installing a storm shelter is more than just bolting it down to some concrete. Do you know which bolts are best for your slab? Do you know proper spacing? FamilySAFE trains our installers on the proper installation methods for our above ground storm shelters. Your installer will know which HILTI anchorage works best for your slab type, what depth to anchor, and how far to space the bolts.

An above ground storm shelter’s primary protection comes from its anchorage to the slab. In the event of a tornado, properly installed anchorage will keep the shelter firmly in place, even in wind speeds of 250 miles an hour. This creates a safe place for you and your family.

An improperly installed shelter runs the serious risk of blowing over in a catastrophic event, failing you when you need it most. In addition, improper anchorage of the shelter can crack or damage your slab. It is important to know the correct depth and spacing of the anchors to ensure the health of the slab. This way, the shelter will work properly during a tornado and you and your family will be protected.

Be wary of companies that offer you the ability to self-install their storm shelters. They may not be fully committed to the safety and long-term viability of their storm shelters.