Do you live in a region of the United State that often suffers extreme weather? Are tornadoes a well-known risk in your area? Then you’ve probably asked yourself many times if a storm shelter is something you need or if your basement will be good enough to provide you and your family safety. 

Storm shelters are a very worthwhile investment in many states, in particular states such as Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas. Once you decide you are going to get a storm shelter, and that the investment is worth the protection benefits, however, you will quickly realize that you have a wide range of different choices to choose from. This guide is to help you narrow down your options so that you can get the best storm shelter available for the right price.

For a top-quality, affordable above-ground storm shelter you can rely on in storms up to EF5, one of your best options is the FamilySAFE shelter. We have a number of versions of our world-class, above-ground tornado shelters, as well as safe rooms and custom designs for new and existing homes. Read our FAQ page to learn more, or feel free to contact us directly with any questions you have or to receive a quote!

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Find The Right Tornado Shelter for Your Home

Storm shelters, otherwise known as tornado shelters, come in two primary types — in-ground shelters and above-ground shelters. In-ground shelters are essentially underground bunkers typically made of concrete and rebar, while above-ground shelters are placed somewhere in your home, such as your garage or basement. They are just as secure as a below-ground shelter, but are easier to access and can be used for more functions, such as a safe in your house or a place for your family to go in case of an intruder. The best storm shelter for you all depends on the size of your home, number of occupants, how important ease of access is (such as when you have a handicapped family member), and how sure-proof you want it to be. In some of the most extreme weather, FamilySAFE shelters have yet to even suffer a scratch. 

Based in Tulsa, FamilySAFE shelters are designed to withstand EF5 level winds. Learn more about FamilySAFE Shelters on our FAQ or About Us page. 

Can You Afford a Storm Shelter?

One of the main reasons people fail to get storm shelters, even when they live in an area prone to tornadoes and high wind, is due to cost. However, while most storm shelters will cost you a few thousand dollars, consider the value they provide you. Not only do they provide you a guaranteed safe place for you and your family to go during a tornado or hurricane, they also provide you with peace-of-mind knowing that, no matter how severe things become, your family will be safe. If you’re looking for an EF5-tested above-ground tornado shelter or safe room, get your FREE storm shelter quote from FamilySAFE Certified, In-Home Storm Shelters today!