Learn about the top five states that need custom tornado shelters

If you live in tornado alley, then you may know about the states surrounding you that are also hit by tornadoes. While you may be familiar with those states and the weather that rolls through them, you might be surprised by the states that are hit the most by tornadoes. At FamilySAFE Shelters, we do our best to provide the states that are in need, with the equipment that they need to remain safe. While Tulsa and Oklahoma City are two of the most common cities that we provide shelters to, they aren’t the only ones. Below are the 5 states that get hit the most by tornadoes.


Neighboring the beautiful state of Oklahoma is Texas.The large state has an average of 146.7 tornadoes a year. With how large the state is, it’s not hard to believe that we would see a good deal of these big storms out in the state, especially with it being right on the border of open water. The open plains of this area make it easy for a tornado to quickly make its way across the land, and when that happens homes are more and more likely to get damaged to an unbelievable amount.


It’s no surprise that Kansas made it to the list of top states with tornadoes. With an average of 92.4 tornadoes a year, Kansas is known for the tale of Dorothy and the famous line “I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”. This is another state that has nothing but plains, and tons of tornadoes. When we’ve got a combination like this, it’s an absolute must that there is protection in the house to keep families safe.


And here is our great state of Oklahoma! Right in between Texas and Kansas, our state sees quite a bit of action with tornadoes as well. As a well-known state in tornado alley, the state as a whole is well prepared for the big storms that come through the state. As a whole, Oklahoma has an average of 65.4 tornadoes a year.


If you didn’t assume that the state of Nebraska would find it’s way on the list, then you have yet to visit the vast, open plains of the state. The winds hit hard in the land, and because of that the state has an average of 54.6 tornadoes a year. While it’s drastically less than the first three states that we’ve talked about, this is still a pretty tremendous amount compared to the majority of states that have less than 30, most even less than 10, a year.


A little ways down the road, Florida is tied with a Nebraska for an average of 54.6 tornadoes a year. Pair this with all of the hurricanes that the state experiences as well, you can only imagine the amount of preparation that needs to go into living in this state. The state itself is unlike the others in that it isn’t primarily plains that you’ll see when you visit the state, but the distance to open waters makes it easy for strong winds to build up and create these tornadoes that cause so much damage.

The best way to avoid the brutal damage that tornadoes can do is to prepare for them. When you invest in a storm shelter for your home, you are providing you and your family with a safe space to go to when the worst of the worst happens. The first step is to call the team at FamilySAFE Shelters and ask us about the different shelters we have.