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Tornadoes are not an uncommon natural disaster, and all things considered, the tornadoes of 2017 have not been able to take the the credit for being the most heartbreaking natural disasters this year. While tornadoes haven’t been the main focus with natural disasters, there have been a pretty insane number of tornadoes. In fact, some states have broken the record for the number of tornadoes they’ve had just thus far in 2017.

One of the stats that gets looked at annually dives into which state has gotten the highest number of tornadoes in the year, and this year the Tornado Leader title goes to Georgia.

Not only has Georgia received the most tornadoes in the year of 2017, but they have also broken their state record for number of tornadoes. In just May alone, it is estimated that roughly 102 tornadoes touched ground in Georgia. And that’s just in one month!

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the most concerning number that was found when conducting this study. Within a two day period, from January 21st to the 22nd, there were a recorded 41 tornadoes that touched down in Georgia. This is a two-day record for Georgia and was one of the worst statistics of tornadoes that has been recorded to date.

What’s strange about the numbers that we have seen in Georgia is that the most active time of the year for tornadoes lies between March and April, and the most tornadoes occurred in months that we’re not accustomed to seeing tornadoes in. Aside from that, the average number of tornadoes that we see in Georgia is 14. This year they beat Texas (98 tornadoes), Missouri (69 tornadoes), Louisiana (64 tornadoes) and Mississippi (50 tornadoes).

FamilySAFE Shelters is dedicated to providing the families in Tornado Alley with a space that they can confidently find security within their home. While Oklahoma and Texas may not have been the state with the most tornadoes this year, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t close to hitting those numbers or being that state at some other point in the year.

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