Learn about the benefits of having a custom tornado shelter

With the recent outbreak of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms across the United States, it’s no surprise that homeowners all over the country are building tornado and storm shelters in their home. Also known as safe rooms, tornado shelters are a great way to keep your family and pets out of harm’s way during a natural disaster. If you’re on the fence about building an above ground or in-ground storm shelter in your home, we’re here to tell you why you should.

At FamilySAFE in Owasso, we’re passionate about helping our clients install various storm shelters in their homes. Whether you’re looking to install a tornado shelter in a brand new construction or an existing home, our professionals can help. Get a free storm shelter quote from our experts today or contact us to learn more about our services!

There Is No Travel Time

When a natural disaster strikes, it’s up to you to find the nearest storm shelter and seek cover. Tornadoes tend to occur without much warning, which means you and your family won’t have much time to travel to a far out destination for shelter. Building a tornado shelter on your own property is the best way to ensure you have a safe and secure place to retreat to in the case of a natural disaster.

Storm Shelters Fit The Whole Family

Whether you have a family of one, two, or eight, having a custom storm shelter built is the best way to ensure your entire household is safe from harm. If you were to retreat to a public storm shelter in your town, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to stick together as a family.

FamilySAFE is proud to be a leading provider of custom tornado and storm shelters in Owasso. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, contact us today!