1. Testimonial – Twala and Joseph

    Thank you Twala and Joseph for your kind words! "We just had our family safe tornado safe room installed today! Thank you and it looks great. My husband (who is in a wheelchair) was able to easily ent…Read More

  2. Easily Add Tornado Protection to Your Home

    As the Memorial Day tornadoes in North Dakota showed, Tornado Alley isn't the only place where tornadoes can strike. Many people outside of Tornado Alley may not think about tornado protection until t…Read More

  3. Family SAFE Tornado Cleanup

    Family SAFE will be there in the event of a tornado Did you know that in the event of a tornado, Family SAFE will be there to help? If your home is destroyed or damaged by a tornado, give us a call an…Read More

  4. Testimonial – Derek

    Thanks so much Derek for your kind words! Wow! Talk about customer service! If you are looking for an above ground tornado shelter, let me recommend FamilySafe. We called them TODAY about Lori's that …Read More