1. Tour FamilySAFE Shelters in Texas!

    Tour Our Storm Shelters in Texas During National Preparedness Month September is National Preparedness Month, and nothing will prepare you for a tornado like a Family SAFE storm shelter. We will have …Read More

  2. Storm Shelter Q & A

    Why Can't I Install My Storm Shelter Myself? We get asked this question often when delivering quotes for our above ground storm shelters. Handy homeowners want to take care of placing and installing t…Read More

  3. Storm Shelters in Tulsa

    Tulsa Storm Shelters [singlepic id=21 w=320 h=240 float=none] Family SAFE Storm Shelters has been manufacturing and installing our EF5 certified tornado shelters in Tulsa since 1998. We are an Oklahom…Read More

  4. Storm Shelter Feature

    New Construction Project: Storm Shelter as Laundry Room Our storm shelters can be incorporated seamlessly into your new construction project. Whether for a home, or business, you will be amazed at the…Read More

  5. Register Your Storm Shelter

    It is important to register your storm shelter with your local fire department. Many fire departments keep a map of all the storm shelters located in their district to aid in rescue after a disaster. …Read More

  6. Summer Tornadoes in Oklahoma and Nebraska

    A National Weather Service survey determined that Adair, Oklahoma was hit by a tornado yesterday. The National Weather Association is determining the strength of the tornado. This isn't the only repor…Read More